What we offer

GREECE AIR PARKING /G & S. Geronymakis G.P. pioneers Pan-Hellenic, supplying alternative and economic parking services in Airport. Main Objective of the company is to offer an integrated package of services to Chania International Airport traveller and the most Rent a CAR companies of Crete Region. The company operates from 2007 and is established 100m apart from the entrance of Chania Airport CHQ

The traveler can park safety his vehicle to GREECE AIR PARKING and be transported by the small bus “Parking Express” in the airport at about 1 min free of charge.

Moreover GREECE AIR PARKING provides to the traveler:

  • car wash
  • car checking without any additional charge (KTEO)
  • car repair services free of charge in case of a vehicle breakdown like flat damage, fallen battery
  • reduction up to 25% while renting a car by SIXT all over Greece (by showing the entrance receipt)
  • free wifi access to Internet

Customers of GREECE AIR PARKING apart from Chania International Airport travelers are also the most Rent a CAR companies of Crete Region.

For many days rental special prices can be arranged. Our prices get lower for the more days. The longer you rent! the lower it gets! Just contact with the parking personnel.

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Internal Flight Companies

Some of the car rental companies we cooperate


If you are a professional or a car rental company please contact us for a quote.


We are very proud to sponsor our local synchronized swimming team which has lots of wins and metals in world competitions.